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How Sending Holiday Cards Benefit Your Law Firm.

The holiday season is fast approaching. Now is the time to take advantage of the marketing benefits of sending your prospects, clients, referral partners and vendors a personalized and customized holiday card. Sending a holiday card is a great way to acknowledge and thank those who have supported your law firm throughout the year, to send warm wishes, and to stay …

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Responsive Website Design Done Right.

BARD Marketing converted The Hollander Law Firm’s website from a proprietary system (you don’t own it and can’t take it with you) to a responsive content management system (CMS) using open source technology. We feel Open Source enables our team to create innovative solutions without being bound by the constraints associated with proprietary technology. BARD’s team of designers, copy writers and …

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4 Reasons The Media Does Not Cover Your Case

Are you wondering why your case(s) are not getting coverage? You won the case, got a big verdict… but still no coverage. The media must have it out for you, right? That is probably not the case. Below we discuss four reasons why you may not be getting media coverage/exposure on your cases: 1) LACK A PR STRATEGY & PLAN …

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Are You A Rainmaker

Legal Networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other professionals (legal, medical, business), potential clients and referral partners. Networking can also used for the exchange of business information, ideas, and support. To be successful at networking focus on those who are good at what they do. Work with those who understand networking and are willing to …

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Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns

With a better response rate than direct mail, e-mail marketing has become one of the most effective marketing efforts to increase a firm’s visibility and ultimately drive traffic to a website. If targeted correctly and message crafted aptly, e-marketing can help you deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time, and continuously achieve high response rates …

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Five Marketing Mistakes Law Firms Make…And How to Recover!

When marketing efforts are not successful, many law firms wonder why…They sent out direct mail, or refreshed their website, initiated Google Adword campaigns, or attended a networking event, but are often left disappointed and frustrated asking “Why aren’t the phones ringing?” Marketing efforts must be more than a disconnected series of tasks. Effective marketing is not a single activity, but …

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Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

A recent BARD Marketing article focused on 5 marketing mistakes frequently executed in law firms. Failure to measure or track the effectiveness of marketing programs was number four on the list. Below are suggested means to measure and test the effectiveness of your marketing efforts: 1) All past, current and new clients should be asked, how did they come to …

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BARD Marketing´s Guide to Social Media for Law Firms and Lawyers

The rapid growth of social media is creating information overload for many Internet users, and instead of ignoring it, attorneys and law firms must embrace these new technologies and learn how they can help develop your business and client relationships. Social media is not a magic bullet, nor will it replace your traditional marketing activities. It is, however, an important …

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Top 10 reasons to call BARD Marketing to develop your law firm website

1. I need my website to reflect my law firm's brand image and not just be a generic website BARD Marketing is a leader in law firm branding and we understand how to brand your website, whether you deal with plaintiff law, business law, defense, etc. We understand that it's not just about how pretty your site is, but also …

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