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4 Reasons The Media Does Not Cover Your Case

Are you wondering why your case(s) are not getting coverage? You won the case, got a big verdict… but still no coverage. The media must have it out for you, right? That is probably not the case. Below we discuss four reasons why you may not be getting media coverage/exposure on your cases: 1) LACK A PR STRATEGY & PLAN …

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BARD Marketing´s Guide to Social Media for Law Firms and Lawyers

The rapid growth of social media is creating information overload for many Internet users, and instead of ignoring it, attorneys and law firms must embrace these new technologies and learn how they can help develop your business and client relationships. Social media is not a magic bullet, nor will it replace your traditional marketing activities. It is, however, an important …

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5 Low Cost Ways to Market Your Law Firm

When the subject of marketing and advertising come up, most law firms instinctively think of TV ads, billboards, newsletters and the like – i.e. marketing tools that while effective, are usually expensive. These expensive techniques have their place, and when done correctly, can offer strong payback for firms that can afford them. However, not everyone can, especially in a slumping …

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Streaming videos, blogs and Facebook, oh my!

Streaming videos and blogs; social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn; Pay-per-click campaigns, Wikis and RSS; These are a few of the “new” mechanisms that you can use to help market your law firm. Are you using any of these? Have you thought about how to leverage them in your marketing and advertising efforts, and how they can integrate …

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