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Are you using Email Marketing and Newsletter Effectively?

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Email marketing (Electronic Newsletters, Enewsletters orTablet with Newsletter & Subcribe Buttons Eblasts) is an effective digital marketing strategy. It is often more affordable than other forms of legal marketing and it often has a higher return on investment. Email marketing allows law firms to improve their reach and visibility and engage their firm contacts on a consistent basis.

Email marketing allows law firms to target and connect with clients, prospects and referral sources. You can share firm expertise and practice area information, share firm news, share your case results, tell t hem about upcoming events, you can inform your contacts of changes in law, educate your contacts on news that might affect them or their business, you can tell your law firm’s stories and more.

It is important to have a strategy when using email marketing. Do you have a list, or do you need to build and maintain your email lists? What is the purpose of your enewsletter or communication piece? Who will receive this newsletter or eblast? How often will you distribute these email marketing pieces? What tool should you use and how much will it cost? What design template is most effective (look, color, layout, images, fonts, etc.)? Are you in compliance with the tool’s Terms of Use regulations and U.S. anti-spam laws? Is the content targeted, brief and does it provide value to the recipient? How do you know if your email marketing or newsletter was effective? Are you looking at your data and email marketing metrics? Does your email marketing integrate (synchronous marketing) with your other marketing efforts?

We’ve helped clients with the following email marketing needs:

  • Strategy
  • Software tool recommendations
  • Design
  • Content
  • Distribution
  • Integration with marketing efforts
  • Email marketing reporting and performance
  • Lists

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