Synchronous Marketing

All the right services working together.

Synchronicity… Your law firm’s Marketing, Advertising, Web, PR and Business Development all working together.

When the right marketingadvertisingwebPR, and business development are in place, your law firm will see some results. When they are integrated with your law firm’s brand and with each other, you will see even stronger return on investment. That’s the benefit of integrated marketing. It’s what we call Synchronicity.

Synchronous Marketing

Synchronous Marketing – The Most Effective Approach

Law firms often hire PR agencies to get PR, advertising agencies to do the advertising, web developers to do the website work, digital marketers to do SEO and PPC, maybe a sales coach to help with business development…you get the idea. But are these ‘experts’ following a ‘big picture’ strategy, and working together as one smooth marketing machine? Do they understand the legal profession? And is your law firm executing an integrated marketing plan?

For example, while a web designer can create a functional website, is it consistent with the rest of your strategy, and does it articulate your firm’s differentiators to your target audience? Any PR agency can get coverage on a good story for one of your lawyers, but how many can advise you on which cases to pitch when, how to best position them, and who to pitch them to based on your law firm’s strategy and the specifics of the case?

BARD Marketing will maximize your law firm’s results, recognizing that all of the marketing activities must be executed in accord with the integrated marketing strategy. We call this Synchronous Marketing.

In short, Synchronous Marketing is the process of making all of your marketing activities work together in a logical, meaningful way. This avoids wasted money and poor results that you experience with a scattered approach. Also, having one primary marketing agency oversee your marketing efforts ensures that your marketing, advertising, PR and website are in harmony with the brand and strategy of your law firm.

We will:

  • Identify, shape, and articulate your brand
  • Develop a laser-focused, long-term marketing strategy for your law firm that brings you clients
  • Establish an online presence that is consistent with your law firm’s overall strategy
  • Execute successful Marketing CommunicationsAdvertisingPublic RelationsWebBranding and Business Development programs in a coordinated, integrated fashion
  • Build a marketing plan to help your law firm get more clients with less cost!

The bottom line: BARD will identify the best law firm marketing strategy for you; identify the Right marketing, advertising, web, PR, and business development activities for your brand; and execute them flawlessly in an integrated manner. See the Diagram above.

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