Legal Marketing


BARD Marketing is a full-service agency for Florida Law Firms specializing in marketing and branding in the legal field. We focus on marketing your firm, so you can focus on practicing law.

Let BARD Marketing be your very own Marketing Department

Bring Attention and Focus to What is Important.

Law Firm Branding

We help clients strategically build their brands to differentiate themselves and to appeal to their target audiences.

Content Creation

We create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain an audience and drive profits.

Online Marketing

We get law firms immediately in front of potential clients that can be targeted in a cost-effective and measurable way.

Email Marketing

We create and distribute compelling messaging that motivates prospects to learn more and buy your legal services.

Print Marketing

We create results-oriented copy along with compelling design to build your brand and to increase your law firm's business.

Social Media

We create content to help you connect and pitch prospects and clients with a focus on education and sales.

BARD: Beyond All Reasonable Doubt

We named the firm Beyond All Reasonable Doubt Marketing to reflect our commitment to the legal profession. We use the acronym BARD given the relevance of William Shakespeare who was recognized as The BARD for his reputation as a great storyteller.