Law Firm Branding is absolutely critical in a competitive environment.

Successful brands paint a picture in the minds of buyers and prospective buyers. Brands help law firms differentiate themselves and appeal to their target audiences. Ask yourself, “Why would a client choose my law firm?”

Now think about your law firm.

  1. Does your law firm have a brand, and is it articulated by all your attorneys and staff?
  2. Does your law firm brand differentiate your firm?
  3. Does your brand speak to your target clients and/or referring attorneys?
  4. Does your brand help you identify the types of clients that you want to attract?
  5. Does your law firm brand help identify you to those clients?
  6. Are your law firm’s strategy and marketing consistent with your brand?

We’ve helped clients with the following types of branding:

  • Brand Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity (Logo & Tagline Development)
  • Rebranding
  • Corporate Style Guide

BARD Marketing embraces the concepts of law firm branding and marketing strategy and considers these critical in any Synchronous Marketing Plan. We bring a deep diagnostics and analytics-based approach to brand creation, rebranding, imaging and strategy development, and have done this for several leading law firms and corporations. We will help identify, enhance and promote your law firm’s brand and deliver a winning marketing strategy.