Law Firm Strategy An Oxymoron

BARD StrategyIt shouldn’t be. And for businesses in other industries, corporate strategy isn’t an oxymoron. A company’s strategy is its in-depth plan of action to help achieve that company’s goals.

Unfortunately, many law firms don’t have a strategy. They do things off the cuff and last minute, often wasting time and money. They hope the phones ring but aren’t sure what to do when the phones aren’t ringing, or worse, they continue to do more of what they’ve always done- whether it’s advertising in the local yellow pages, advertising on tv, advertising on billboards, having a static website, or throwing money at pay–per-click for overused terms – whether these activities bring in clients or not.

Simply put, a law firm’s strategy is its blueprint to reach the firm’s desired goals. The strategy is the roadmap, and like in driving, you can’t get to your destination if you don’t know where you are and where you are going.

BARD Marketing will help you create your law firm’s strategy. We will help you understand where you are, where you are going and how best to get there.

In developing your strategy, BARD will:

  • Identify and articulate your law firm’s competitive advantages and differentiators.
  • Help you develop an effective firm brand based on these differentiators and your ideal clients.
  • Perform a deep analysis of your intake, website performance and marketing effectiveness, providing a big picture view of your current situation, and identifying hidden trends to capitalize on.
  • Determine why your phones aren’t ringing with the consistency that you’d like.
  • Create an overall marketing program and budget that you can implement and that will get results.
  • Implement the processes to enable you to track your success.
  • Identify new areas of opportunity and how to market for those areas.

Many law firms will perish because they don’t have a plan for success. Don’t be one of these firms. Contact BARD Marketing to create a strategy that will pay off for your law firm.