Law Firm Advertising works, but only when done correctly.

AdvertisingQuick – think of your favorite Super Bowl commercial! Now, can you correctly identify what product or company that commercial was advertising?

The fact is that the vast majority of Super Bowl commercials (even the popular ones) do not drive brand recognition. The moral of this story is that while law firm advertising (print, digital and web) can have an impact, it isn’t a silver bullet for generating clients.

With the wrong message, wrong advertising strategy, or an inadequate budget to obtain the necessary Reach and Frequency, your advertising efforts will be wasted, or worse, will have a negative impact on your law firm.

The Right print, web, digital, or social advertising, however, can have a strong affect on building and maintaining your law firm’s brand image. It can keep your firm top of mind with potential clients, past clients, referring attorneys or other professionals. The right advertising can and does bring results.

Successful Law Firm Advertising will address several factors:

  • The target audience and desired outcome of the advertising plan.
  • How to leverage your law firm’s competitive differentiators effectively against other law firms.
  • Which advertising mechanism(s) can best break through the ‘noise’ of other law firm advertising.
  • The reach and frequency needed to ensure that your firm’s message is remembered.
  • How your law firm maximize its return on your advertising budget.

The Right legal advertising is very effective; and when properly executed, will improve your law firm’s brand recognition and bottom line.

BARD Marketing has the experience and know-how to execute a successful advertising strategy for your law firm (including print, web, digital and web advertising) and in Synchronicity with your other law firm marketing efforts. We understand that BAR advertising regulations might make advertising more difficult, but we have a track record of developing advertising strategies that follow specific state BAR rules, and still bring results.

Contact us anytime to discuss maximizing the effectiveness of your advertising.