With a better response rate than direct mail, e-mail marketing has become one of the most effective marketing efforts to increase a firm’s visibility and ultimately drive traffic to a website. If targeted correctly and message crafted aptly, e-marketing can help you deliver the right content to the right prospect at the right time, and continuously achieve high response rates from quality prospects.

Benefits of email marketing include:

Immediate action.
After an email is opened, it doesn’t take long for the recipient to take immediate action. A simple click of the mouse can direct a recipient to the firm’s website, an informational link, the firm’s Facebook or Twitter account, or the firm’s contact page. For this reason, conversion rates are better with email marketing.

Keeping top-of-mind with clients and prospects.
Sending periodic emails helps you to stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects; and when a need for your services may arise, they are more likely to remember your firm and seek your legal assistance. In addition, your prospects are able to create an inbox/folder and archive your emails for future reference.

Supports segmentation.
Email list segmentation allows sending topic-specific email campaigns to a target audience. Optimal results of email campaigns depend on how relevant the campaign is to the recipients.

Measurable results.
Email marketing makes it possible to determine the effectiveness of your campaign; as services report the number of sent emails, opened emails, recipients who opened, recipients who clicked, and which links were clicked. This data can help improve your approach for future email campaigns.

Forward option.
With email campaigns, your audience can be extended due to the forward option. Emails can be designed to provide a trackable forward link to track who is being forwarding your emails.

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