When marketing efforts are not successful, many law firms wonder why…They sent out direct mail, or refreshed their website, initiated Google Adword campaigns, or attended a networking event, but are often left disappointed and frustrated asking “Why aren’t the phones ringing?”

Marketing efforts must be more than a disconnected series of tasks. Effective marketing is not a single activity, but an ongoing, synchronous effort that takes planning, consistency, and vigor to accomplish. Understanding marketing effectiveness comes from analyzing five of the most common marketing mistakes we’ve seen law firms make.

1. No Marketing Plan or Strategy – marketing efforts are ad-hoc and inconsistent
2. Little Branding or consistency in the Branding – the message is neither consistent nor memorable.
3. No integration or consistency in the marketing efforts– each effort is stand alone and there is no coordination of activities
4. No Measurement/Tracking and Analysis – there is no way to truly track effectiveness
5. Usage of the wrong marketing mechanism to reach your target audience and objectives – there are many different mechanisms and mediums but care must be taken to ensure that you use the right mechanism given your target group.

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