It takes the Right team of professionals to execute the unique blend of marketing activities that BARD Marketing performs for law firms across Florida and the US. This is our leadership team, and we are here to serve our clients with experience and enthusiasm.

Kim Sailer LinkedIn

Kim Sailer is a recognized expert in the field of Law Firm Marketing with experiences spanning branding, marketing strategy, communications, web, advertising and PR.

Kim built and drove the in-house marketing efforts for a highly respected and successful Florida law firm. Through her experiences, Kim has built unmatched relationships with the media, leading law firms, state and local BAR organizations and other legal associations. She has a strong understanding of BAR advertising and marketing rules, and creation of effective campaigns that adhere to these rules.

Experience summary: 25 years of experience in Brand Management, Marketing Communications, and Performance Measurement.

Skill areas: Relationship management, customer acquisition, branding, demand generation, strategic planning, performance measurement, PR and media relations, email marketing, social media, content marketing, digital marketing, reputation management, multimedia, networking, public speaking and sales training.

Matt Granat
Core Specialties: Creative, Graphic Design & Website Design

Matt is an outstanding graphic design artist and a savvy web developer with an ideal combination of artistic and technical skills. His artistic abilities include traditional layout and design as well as all of the latest software programs for design.

Experience summary: More than 18 years of graphic experience. He handles everything from logo design, graphic design, multimedia web design and more – all with an eye toward distinguishing clients from their competition and enhancing their position in the market place. In addition to legal, he has worked for a variety industries including  healthcare, technology, fashion, banking, and travel.

Ricky Shockley
Core Specialties: Digital Advertising & Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization

Ricky Shockley is an SEO & digital advertising expert focused on bottom line results and generating new customer leads. Ricky has been heavily involved in various aspects of digital marketing since 2009 and has worked with dozens of businesses ranging from local mom-pops to medical practices, law firms and even international e-commerce businesses.

Ricky takes enormous pride in educating clients, dispelling myths and rumors that are rampant in the digital marketing community to provide a clear and focused idea as to what works in digital advertising and SEO. He also brings a focus on measurement and campaign performance tracking so that you can track exactly what’s working and what’s not in terms of generating more bottom line revenue and ROI for your business.

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