How effective is your Marketing Communications?

Are you wasting money on your newsletters, brochures and other marketing pieces?

MarketingCommunicationsWhat does your firm brochure and other marketing pieces say about you? Do your brochures, printed newsletters, electronic newsetters and direct mail pieces portray your law firm and it’s lawyers as you would like to be portrayed? Do they speak to the audience and motivate them to contact your law firm? Or do they “not really say anything.” Often, marketing communications miss their mark, are not targeted and effective, and waste your money.

Every day, your potential clients are subjected to between 1000 and 3000 brand messages, and countless messages from other lawyers. So, your law firm’s brochures, newsletters, direct mail and email pieces and other marketing materials must stand out, and differentiate you. They must relay your law firm’s brand image, and work in Synchronicity with your other marketing efforts. For instance, if you send a direct mail piece that references your law firm’s website, but looks or reads totally different than the site, you’ve failed to maximize the impression on that visitor, and have caused confusion. People often make decisions based on initial impressions, but use subsequent impressions to validate those decisions. If you don’t have Synchronicity, you’re not getting the best returns for your marketing efforts.

Initial and subsequent impressions and messages are equally important. People build initial impressions based on newsletters, business cards, brochures and other marketing pieces. You may not get a client or referral just because you have a good law firm brochure, but you can certainly lose a few if you don’t. And if your brochure sends them to your law firm’s website and they don’t see the message that they liked / responded to in the brochure, you will most likely lose them to another lawyer. What happens when you send out a firm newsletter, but then don’t send out another newsletter for 14 months? You lose the connection and an opportunity. These are just a few examples of both. Print marketing and digital marketing including direct mail, newsletters, enewsletters and other marketing communications should be a centerpiece of your law firm’s strategy. Are they?

When implemented effectively, the Right Marketing communications will create a positive impression for your law firm that the other marketing tools will validate.

BARD Marketing has the experience and know-how to create and execute the Right Law Firm and Lawyer Marketing Communications strategy in Synchronicity with your other marketing efforts.

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