Anyone can get PR on great cases.

But effective Media Relations is more than creating an ad-hoc press release.

Media RelationsDoes your law firm consistently use Public Relations (PR) and press releases as a way to get ‘free’ advertising, and promote your firm effectively? Public Relations is an often overlooked and underutilized component of your lawyer marketing program. A strong public relations program will help build and maintain a law firm’s brand, develop a reputation and generate new clients and cases. In comparison to advertising, the benefits of public relations are clear.

  • Whereas advertising is a message created and paid for by the advertiser, PR coverage is generated by independent parties who typically have high credibility – the media (whether television, radio, print, or online). Consumers do not see media coverage as advertising, yet your lawyers are being promoted.
  • PR is substantially lower in cost than most forms of advertising.
  • PR helps get your lawyers recognized.
  • A strong press release strategy can help your law firm website’s search performance.

With this said, any PR firm can get coverage if the story is good. However, the “Right PR” is more elusive. An excellent Public Relations strategy will address the following:

  • Determine when to implement the PR and launch the press release or media alert – during the complaint stage, after a verdict or settlement, or both.
  • Determine who the audience is – potential future clients, referring attorneys, potential jurors, or the other party in the lawsuit.
  • Determine the right media outlets (TV, Radio, Print, Online) including social media (online pr sources, HARO, Twitter, etc.) to approach so that exposure is maximized.
  • Identify the right “pitch points” and the salient information to support your branding effort and overall strategy.
  • Prepare your lawyers to be at ease with the media – media coaching/training.
  • Non-case related PR opportunities that will maximize your marketing.

When used in conjunction with other elements of your law firm’s marketing plan, the Right PR will enhance your entire marketing strategy.

BARD Marketing has the experience and know-how to create and execute the “Right PR” strategy in Synchronicity with your other marketing efforts. The “Right PR” will enhance your entire law firm marketing strategy.

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