1. I need my website to reflect my law firm’s brand image and not just be a generic website
BARD Marketing is a leader in law firm branding and we understand how to brand your website, whether you deal with plaintiff law, business law, defense, etc. We understand that it’s not just about how pretty your site is, but also what your website says.

2. I don’t have time to worry about my website or writing the content, I have other things to worry about
Our websites are delivered complete include branding, content writing, hierarchy creation, look and feel, hosting, etcetera. Our content writers understand the legal profession and your brand. We write great content so all you have to worry about is your law firm ….not your website.

3. I don’t want my site to look like everyone else’s site
Our sites are totally custom. No canned copy or canned images. This is your firm’s site, not a generic template. Your website will fit your brand.

4. I don’t want to wait months and months for my site to go live
We will create your website and have it live in an average of 6 weeks.

5. I want to be able to easily manage the content on an ongoing basis
Our sites use our exclusive content management system. The easiest way for you, your secretary or anyone else in your law firm to update every part of your website. Whenever they want. If you like, we can do this for you.

6. I want to be found on the web
We design our sites to be found by search engine (Search Engine Optimization – SEO). Our copywriting leverages key words, and unique title tags. We create Google site maps and register the sites with the major search engines. If need be, we also offer a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package.

7. I want to be able to create blogs, podcasts, and syndicate my newsletters
We have experience in all the new technologies including blogs, streaming videos and podcasts. We even teach a CLE in how to use technology to improve your marketing. If you want to use these tools, we can make it happen and also train you to be successful.

8. I don’t want a website from someone who doesn’t understand what I do
All we do is work with the law firms and the legal profession. We understand the state BAR rules, and understand how to effectively brand and market your law firm, whether your target audience is consumers, businesses or other attorneys. For more information on our other offerings, contact us today.

9. I want to use a web developer/web specialist that I can trust
We have done websites for many prestigious law firms. The bottom line – you are in good hands.

10. I don’t want to have to get my website from one vendor and my other marketing services from other vendors
BARD Marketing delivers web development, along with Branding, Marketing Communications, PR, and Advertising in a Synchronous fashion. Read more about our other services.

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