Sinclair Law logo by BARD marketingA poorly designed logo creates skepticism and distrust of your organization. Think about some of the bad logos you’ve seen—how did it make you feel about the company?

A logo identifies a company or product by the use of a mark, flag, symbol or signature. A good logo should tie into your Branding, should be distinctive and unique, and build trust. A logo quickly creates an image in the mind of a consumer, a prospect or a referral partner.

A truly great law firm logo becomes synonymous with its identity and becomes the “face” of the company. Think of Apple’s apple, Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, FedEx’s FedEx, or Starbucks’ twin tailed mermaid.

Some companies decide to change their logos because it is outdated and needs revitalization, to reflect new direction, to reflect new products, to reflect a business acquisition or name change, to rebrand your law practice, etc.

A logo it not a requirement nor is it an end-all be-all of your organization; however it done correctly it can enhance your marketing efforts.

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