In writing my first blog for the newly redone BARDMarketing website, I wanted to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart. After thinking long and hard, I decided to talk a bit on how State BAR marketing and advertising rules affect good advertising and marketing. A lot has been said regarding the strictness of the marketing regulations of several of the state BAR associations, and the impact on a law firm’s ability to market and promote themselves effectively.

We can most likely all agree that it is a challenge to do good campaigns within the BAR restrictions; however, the reality is that even in those states where the marketing regulations are quite restrictive (Florida, New York, et al), leading law firms are still investing heavily in marketing and advertising, and are using these tools as strategic weapons against their competition. Rather than letting the rules and restrictions hinder them, these firms are being proactive, and aggressively using marketing and advertising to their advantage.

We all know of those law firms who are successfully advertising heavily on television to bring in cases and clients. What’s less known are those firms that are leveraging 1-to-1 marketing, new web technologies, public relations, and tireless business development to also generate significant results. Believe me, those firms are out there, and are taking market share away from less strategic, less aggressive firms. The fact of the matter is that even with restrictive state BAR regulations, a law firm can still be successful in marketing and advertising their firm. Successful firms will have to be more creative and perhaps work harder. But strong results can be achieved with holistic marketing plans and focused efforts. In fact, marketing and advertising whether via conventional or unconventional means, must be done by any firm that seeks growth, given the intense competition for clients and cases.