Business Development and Networking are critical.

Do you know what to say and do to maximize every networking opportunity?

Business-DevelopmentThere is another critical element beyond advertisingPR, and Marketing Communications. And that is effective networking and business development.

Are you networking effectively?

  1. Do you have and regularly manage your online social media presence?
  2. Do you typically go to the same events and see/talk to the same people?
  3. Do you have a strategy in place for meeting new people (prospective clients and referral partners)?
  4. When you are introduced to someone, do you know what to say after the basic dialogue of the introduction?
  5. Do you have an ‘elevator pitch’ that is captivating and differentiated? (The ideal brief message about you/your firm).
  6. Do the rest of the attorneys, paralegals and staff have similar elevator pitches? (All of you following the style and brand identified for the firm).

If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all or at least most of the above questions, you could greatly benefit from some sales training. You have untapped vehicles out there for spreading your message. The help we provide includes business development and sales training instruction, elevator pitch coaching, networking strategy, and event-planning.

Consider these business development facts:

  • Everyone in your law firm can and should generate new cases and clients for your firm.
  • Everybody in your law firm is essentially a “Vice President of First Impressions,” and first impressions are the ones that count when generating new relationships.
  • Having lunch with the same friends, attending the same BAR or legal functions, and talking to the same people is not effective business development.
  • Effective business development requires a strategy and a plan.
  • You need to embrace new marketing tools provided by emerging technology to stay relevant.

The Right Business Development Plan may target local attorneys, attorneys in other parts of the state or country, other professionals, and prospects. There are a variety of tools and means to expand your reach via a strong business development program for your firm. When used in alongside with your other law marketing efforts, business development will have a profound effect on converting people you meet and interact with into partners and clients.

Every day every person in your firm has an opportunity to engage a new client or referral source, using a compelling message is this happening?

BARD Marketing has the experience and know-how to create and execute the Right business development strategy. We will help with sales training of your attorneys and provide you with elevator pitches that captivate and that are differentiated. We will also help your law firm partner, associates and staff get up to speed on emerging marketing tools and technology.

Contact us to discuss how to apply this strategy to your business.